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                                                SHIPPING AND DELIVERY


The risk of any damage, loss or deterioration of the Products during the course or delivery or during transit shall be on us and not on the Buyer. We represent and warrant that the Products being delivered are not faulty/damaged and are exactly those Products which are listed and advertised by us on the Site and purchased by the Buyer and meet all descriptions and specifications as provided on the Site.


Buyer's shipping address, pin code will be verified with the database of Site before a Buyer proceed to pay for Buyer's purchase. In the event Buyer's order is not serviceable by logistic service providers or by us or the delivery address is not located in an area that is covered under the order confirmation form, Buyer may provide an alternate shipping address on which the Product can be delivered by the logistics service provider or by us.


Please note that there is no guaranteed dispatch time and any information about the dispatch time is estimate only and should not be relied upon as such. Therefore, time is not the essence of the bi-partite contract between the Buyer and us for purchase and sale of Product on the Site. However, the Product shall not be delivered to the Buyer unless the Buyer makes the payment of the purchase of Product.


Buyer shall be bound to take delivery of the Products purchased by the Buyer that are said to be in a deliverable state. Where Buyer neglects or refuses to accept the delivery of the Products ordered by the Buyer, the Buyer shall be liable to us for any loss or charges that we may incur if such delivery or transaction should have been completed. Buyer acknowledges that such damages or losses to us are not consequential or indirect.


The title in the Products and other rights and interest in the Products shall directly pass on to the Buyer from us upon delivery of such Product and upon full payment of price of the Product. Upon delivery, the Buyer is deemed to have accepted the Products. The risk of loss shall pass on to the Buyer upon delivery of Product.



We work hard to make sure that Buyer don’t have to wait long for his/her order to reach them. All the measures to ensure that Buyer receives his/her order in proper condition are taken religiously. The following questions should help Buyer understand our shipping & delivery policies better.


1.   When do we deliver?

It normally takes around 7-10 business days to deliver an order depending on Buyer’s location within India.


2.   Where do we deliver?

We currently deliver to our customers almost across the whole region of INDIA.


3.   Where do we not deliver?

There are certain places within India where delivery has certain logistical constraints. Hence, while placing an order, Buyer may check if delivery to his/her desired area / region is possible or not by entering the pin code in the `shipping address’ field. Our system will detect your area as per the pin code entered & will inform Buyer if delivery is not possible.


4.   Do we deliver outside India?

No we are targeting and capturing Indian market only.


5.   What are the shipping/deliver charges

The Shipping/delivery charges, if any, are calculated automatically as per the pin code entered and the area of the delivery address detected by the system.